Name:  Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade

Location:  Providence, Rhode Island

Profession: Amateur Boxer

Goals:  World domination

Weight class:  Welterweight/152 lbs

Height: 6-1

Weight: 152 lbs

Born: February 26, 1988 in Providence, R.I.

Lives: Providence, R.I.

Coach: Paul Andrade

School: Cooley High School

Children:  Daughter Autumn Andrade

Began boxing: 1994

Career Highlight: The 2005 U.S. Championships, Silver Gloves, Dual Meets and Junior Olympic International Invitational

Biggest Influence: My dad because he taught me everything I know in my lifetime

Draw to boxing: My dad

Greatest strength in the ring: My jab

Goals in and out of the ring: To be the greatest boxer I can and give back to my fans

Favorite movie: Four Brothers

Favorite TV Show: BET

Favorite Song:  Nas Ether

Hobbies outside of boxing: Playing football

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"The 2007 amateur world champion and 2008 U.S. Olympian Andrade ... is widely considered to be the top prospect in all of boxing and with performance like this, it would be hard to argue otherwise."

Boxing Press Article

"From the opening bell it was apparent that Andrade was simply faster, stronger, and more polished ... " 411Mania.com

“Certain fighters carry with them a sense of stardom, and today, while Demetrius Andrade was speaking I felt like I was watching a star, even if he hasn't reached that plateau yet." Joe Roche, 411Boxing